Daren "Scumbo"
Favourite Quote:
" What that needs is Tits and skulls, wiv flames "

Artist and founder Daren is competent in all aspects of tattooing  He has been tattooing for many years and has a reputation for precision and perfection. 

His portraiture, Irezumi work. and cheerful outlook are well known to anyone he has met, always ready to offer tattoo advice with no obligation. And a great believer in making art work for the client Daren is fast becoming  one of the most popular tattooists in the area.


Daren has long believed that the tattooing industry needs to "loosen the Shackles" of the untouchable "Black Art" image and earn its rightful place as a legitmate artform
"Everyone has the right to the best piece of art on their body that is possible."